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Urban Colors

Oh, the Colors!

U r b a n Colors
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Graphics, icons, layouts and more...


This community was created with the purpose to post icons about anything that comes to my mind. It does not revolve about any fandom or person, but rather on miscellaneous likes, people, themes, etc.


Layouts and Profile Codes are Friends Only. (Friend!)
Other than that, this will mostly stay public. :]

For now there's only one moderator/member/poster, me, peppermintt_tea, the creator of this icon community. Memebership might be open later on, but for now, if you'd like to keep up with updates and such, please watch this community. You're very welcome to, in fact :]

some guidelines

Please comment if you like (or not) what you see. [x]
Constructive critisizm is awlays welome. [x]
Credit is a must. Click here to learn how to credit.* [x]
Don't hotlink.** [x]
Enjoy! :P [x]

*Credit either peppermintt_tea or urban_colors
**Please save graphics to your own computer and then upload to your own server. You can then use them wherever you want to.


If you'd like to become an affiliate, please comment at this post.

Have any questions? Please ask them here.

And finally...

Don’t be afraid to friend, I won’t bite! I’m a friendly person ;]

Have fun and be nice. After all, that's what we're here for! :).

Profile Layout by me.
Community layout by resplandor

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